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EXTENSION [Dec. 11th, 2007|11:13 pm]
The Office (U.S.) - Stillness Competition


I know it's the holidays and no-one wants to bother with icons when they have to be shopping/studying and after these challenges are done, this comm will take a break probably into the New Year. But if I forget, poke me.

As for right now, BOTH challenges need more entries. Yes, I understand that the screencaps are obscure and not of 'iconic' moments in the show, but Oscar needs some lovin'! Roy was making a joke! Kelly wasn't like that girl in Bend it like Beckham!

For the unconventional Pairings challenge, there are so many unexplored possibilities! You don't have to ship them! It's crack-pairings. You can mock them! Think of the WORST name combination in the office. Remember when Kelly kissed Dwight? When Michael took pictures of Meredith's breasts? When Jim signed her cast? Remember when Toby crushed on Pam? Or Jan offered a smoke to Jim in Casino Night? When Creed called anyone by the wrong name? Be creative!

Hopefully there will be enough entries by next Tuesday/Wednesday to merit a poll!