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Office Stillness

An 'Office' icon stillness challenge community

The Office (U.S.) - Stillness Competition
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This community is strictly for the U.S. version of the hit show The Office.

Stillness means that the icons cannot be animated.


[x]Every Friday the mod will put two screencaps.
[x]Icons must fit the Live Journal standards: No bigger than 100X100 pixels, either in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.
[x]Only use the caps provided, no adding other pictures.
[x]You may use textures and brushes for your icons but no animated icons. That's the main point in stillness. Animated icons will be disqualified.
[x]If you'd like to use an icon, leave a comment in the voting post and the mod will alert the maker. Please make sure that you credit the maker.


[x]You must be a member of the community to enter.
[x]Make sure to host them on a server that allows hotlinking. I recommend Photobucket.com or Imageshack.us. If your icon doesn't show up, it won't be featured in the contest.
[x]Post the icon in a comment to the challenge; post in both IMG SRC and URL form. Comments will be screened.


[x]Challenges go up: Friday.
[x]Deadline: Tuesday around 5 PM EST
[x]Voting: Wednesday-Thursday
[x]Results posted: Friday and then the new challenge will be posted.


[x]Vote for your 3 favourite icons. If you vote for more/less than that amount, your vote will not count.
[x]Please do not vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you. If you get caught you will be banned from the community.
[x]Banners will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. There will also be a Mod's Choice award.


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*Community created by samantha_78 and maintained by noblealice.